Michelle Reed

Michelle Reed is the Open Education Librarian at the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries. She leads efforts to support the adoption, adaptation, and creation of open educational resources and advocates for experiential learning opportunities that foster collaboration, increase engagement, and empower students as content creators. Prior to joining UTA, she supported both information literacy and scholarly communication initiatives at the University of Kansas Libraries. Her research interests include librarianship at the intersections of information literacy and scholarly communication, the impact of open educational resources, and undergraduate perceptions of open principles. Michelle is a presenter for the Open Textbook Network and the Association of College & Research Libraries, a recipient of the American Library Association’s Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant, an OER Research Fellow, and a peer advisor for the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program. She is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, McNeese State University, and the University of Tennessee, where she received an M.S. in information science. Her creative work is available through KU ScholarWorks.


Presentation Title: 

Open to All: Building Partnerships to Improve OER Accessibility



As interest in open educational resources (OER) continues to grow on college campuses worldwide, many faculty, librarians, and other educators who may have limited experience in publishing and universal design are beginning to spearhead OER projects. As our community of practice expands, it is important to consider how we can develop, implement, and communicate best practices in accessibility to ensure OER meet the needs of all users, regardless of disability, learning preferences, or cultural backgrounds. In this presentation, Michelle Reed discusses the need for accessible OER and explores strategic partnerships that leverage the expertise within our communities to address this need. 




David Ernst

David Ernst is Graduate faculty and Chief Information Officer in the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota. David is the Director of the Center for Open Education and the Executive Director of the Open Textbook Network, which works to improve higher education through the advancement of open textbooks.